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CTS Advertising (China Travel Service Advertising GD Co., Ltd) was formed in 1993 offering a tailor-made international marketing service to fit in with Chinese business needs. Having built up a reputation of competitiveness, quality and excellence, CTS Group has since become one of the biggest travel - marketing agents, operating in 120 cities throughout China and the world.

Where we differ from our competitors are we have a host of real experience & contacts in this industry leveraged by CTS global network and nationwide affiliates and a plan to offer services and technology not seen in the present market in unison with seeking out complimentary business & technology partners that will help secure our market position and magnify our efforts for a rapid return. With numerous awards under our belt, clients range from small businesses to governments while specializing in servicing international SMEs(Small to Medium Enterprises).

CTS Advertising is moving to be a leader in the delivery of cross-border media business; services provided ranging from helping Chinese locals to place personal classifieds and companies to place business ads in non-China media while servicing overseas clients to place ads in China making our hard-currencies account easily balanced.

We have already been providing suitable international marketing solutions for Chinese businesses for the last ten years. Our knowledge of technology, management practice, capital and our access to the international market has ensured us continued business in China. Now we want to use our Chinese resources to work the other way C for you.

, We are open all day, every day all year round. Thanks to Internet technology we can communicate with you at anytime.

ADDRESSRoom 304, No.10 Jiang Li Road Guangzhou China 510300